BioClear® Method

Achieve a beautiful, natural smile with this minimally invasive and rejuvenating alternative to crowns and porcelain veneers. BioClear® is a unique method that utilizes dental composite to literally shrink-wrap your tooth with little or no drilling. As we age, some of us may begin to notice dark spaces between our teeth and gums. Many factors can cause these spaces to form, such as bone loss and movement of the teeth. Although this does not harm our teeth, it can make our smile look older and less healthy, as well as trap food. BioClear® can be used to fill these gaps, creating a more youthful smile. The tooth-colored composite material is molded around the decaying, worn, or damaged tooth in patented ultra-thin clear shapes that slide easily between the teeth and between the tooth and gums. That means BioClear® doesn’t require the dentist to grind away some or most of your tooth the way getting porcelain crowns or veneers would have.

Here’s a few ways BioClear® can help with your smile:

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