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Dr. Vartanian and his staff are great. They are courteous, kind and extremely professional. I have been a patient for 7 years and all the work he has done has enhanced my smile and kept me in good dental health. I would highly recommend Dr. Vartanian and his team.
Kathleen I.
Dr. Vartanian and his entire staff are are always so friendly, capable and professional. They make it a pleasure to go to the dentist. Love Jennifer and feel safe and well cared for in her hands. Also so nice not to have to wait long in the office.
Linda E.
Friendly, put you at ease staff. They keep to their appointments on time....no long wait times! All services are provided expediently and each procedure is explained in detail with options to consider. I would recommend Dr. Vartanian and his staff to all.
Kenneth R,
I had every problem in my my mouth you can possible think of and coming from Austria I was told some of these problems can not be fixed. Dr. Vartanian could! Best service I ever had.
Johanna S.
My appreciation to Dr. Vartanian and his staff for fitting in last minute dental needs on my Mother's first visit. And taking a knowledgeable and careful approach to her health issues. You made her fill relaxed and in good hands.
Elena M.
Great dental office. Incredible staff. I had a particularly dreaded day yesterday, that being getting impressions completed on a back tooth. A virtual nightmare for me, since I am the ultimate gagger. We all know Dr. Vartanian is terrific and understanding, but he has an assistant, Maria, who did all the heavy lifter putting up with my issue and putting me at ease. Believe me, this was a lot more work than you imagine yesterday. She kept working at it until she came up with a 'work around' solution that got me through the process. She did everything but hold my hand through the entire episode. A terrific person.
Edward M.
Dr. Vartanian has solved the issues I have had for from other dentists work. All five of us (my family) are now seeing Dr. Vartanian.
Brian G.
The staff is so professional and helpful. Dr. Vartanian is also so great. He's always very kind and gentle. Highly recommend anyone to see him. His work is great and when he needs to refer you to a specialist he only refers to the best. (meaning someone he'd refer his mom to which is what he told me when I needed an implant)
Jackie F.
Dr. Vartanian and his staff are the best. I spent 4 hours in the chair getting extensive work done and I didn't experience any pain or distress. I am looking forward to my new smile and the temps look amazing. My family is already telling me it was the best decision that I made to invest in improving my smile. I am also getting braces on my lower teeth with Dr. DiGiovanni and he works together with Dr. Vartanian to produce the best possible result for me. I couldn't be more pleased and I highly recommend Dr. Vartanian. He is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable with whatever work you are having done. His hygienist cleaned my teeth better that I've ever had done before and I have had my teeth cleaned every 4 months for years.
Karen L.
Although I was there to get a crown, it was the most enjoyable dentist experience I have ever had! Thanks to the Dr. Vartanian and his team for making this experience as good as possible. I have moved here from Texas recently and have now found a new dentist for life. I would recommend Dr. Vartanian to everyone.
Ashley B.
I went in for a tooth ache and ended up needing a root canal. He had an appt scheduled and wasn't going to be able to do the root canal until later in the day but rearranged his schedule to fit me in. I live an hour away but still drive to see him. Great with his patients and the office staff are very nice.
Victoria R.
Dr. Vartanian is an honest and trustworthy professional that is very skilled in what he does. Unlike other dentists I have had, he never recommends unnecessary procedures or otherwise over treat his patients. Accordingly, I highly recommend Dr. Vatanian.
Phil A.
I love Dr. Vartanian and his incredibly kind staff. I am a very nervous/anxious patient and from the moment u walk in they are so kind and patient. When I had incorrectly relayed what procedure I had needed, they kept saying “no problem, don’t worry, we can arrange that.” I walked out feeling well cared for and happy. Yes, happy... coming out of my wonderful Dentist’s office. Also, they allow me to do only what I can afford, so I am not overwhelmed with debt. I highly recommend Dr. Vartanian and his excellent & lovely Staff.
Virginia C.
The Experience with Dr. Vartanian’s office and his staff is amazing. I’ve been a client for 19 years and the service is always remain consistent. They are always coaching you how to take care your teeth and your health that affects. Most of the time I’m a pretty good student so to speak but sometimes I go off the rails and they’re very good about getting me back on track nicely.
Ronnie S.

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